AWG Fitness Online Transformation
"All the Benefits of a Personal Trainer At a Fraction of the Price... at Home or in the Gym"

Make your future self proud of the decision you made today!

These Transformation Programmes include
Gym and Home Workouts

Why You Should Choose Us:

A Proven System that works!

The system is designed to help you drop that stubborn body fat and gain lean muscle in the right places.

Leave the Complicated Meal Plans to us!

Every person will have their own set of calories and macros set by us, using our magic formula to give you the best results possible for your goals.

Feel Confident in the Gym!

We have dedicated months to put this programme together, so its easy to follow with step by step guides and an extensive Exercise Library.

Us in your corner every step of the way!

24/7 Access to us through our voice recorder app. And a weigh in once a week to ensure your staying on track.

How can the Programme help you?

This Transformation programme was created so I could deliver the most amount of value in one place, to everyone that I train online and in the gym.

Everything that you need to succeed at achieving your fat loss or muscle gain goals is in here. From doing the correct workouts and eating the right foods to getting you motivated, keeping you on track and education about the workouts and nutrition.
Workout Plans - Fitness Trainer

The Step by Step guide to Success

Success is determined by 3 main factors:

Using my 5-step process we can ensure you win by Finding your goal, changing your mindset to find out the main reason why you want it.
This will keep you motivated and on the right track.
Calculating the correct amount of calories and macros you need, together with awesome easy to follow live and recorded workouts that you can access anytime on my Members only online portal.
Add all that with the support of a community of like minded individuals that are on the same road to success, and access to me via a voice recording app.

What You Get?

Nutritional Programming and Logging (value £100 per month)

Nutritional Programming and Logging
I will deliver your calorie and macro nutrient requirements on a regular basis for when and if they need to be changed. Depending on your specific goal (Build lean muscle, get ripped or tone up).
By using your specific goals there are example meal plans to follow, and we can adapt these to your liking through our ideal food lists to create the plan for you.

Workout Programs (value £100 per month)

Workout Programs Free
You will be taken through a journey of workout programs that are specifically designed for your goals, you can select from home or gym.
Your Workout Program will have the best and most effective exercises all with Instructional Video (in your exercise library) and Rep Ranges to use so you get the best and fastest results possible.
These workout programs are designed to shred your body fat or to build lean muscle, they are also designed to increase your strength and give you more energy.

Live Workouts (value up to £80 per month)

Live Workouts Morning and Evening sessions
You will have unlimited access to 4 Live Workouts each week with myself, delivered in the morning and evening GMT+1. Getting these workouts done as part of a team that have the same or similar goals to achieve, and is so fun to be a part of.
They are a mix of all types of workouts that have been put together, designed to shred your body fat or to build lean muscle, they are also designed to increase your strength and give you more energy.

And More ...

Full Access to my Members Only Portal

Live Workouts, nutritional programming, cardio routines
All of my Live Workouts, Your nutritional programming, Workout programs, cardio routines and everything else is all in one place and easy to access online. You can access these at any time, it is full of value and is the guide you need to succeed.

My Fat Burning Cardio Routines

Fat Burning Cardio Routines
Here I personally show and teach you the best and most effective cardio workouts for maximum fat burning, that you can do in the comfort of your own home, on the streets or around your local park.
These awesome cardio programs will have you burning fat 48 hours after you finish your cardio session, here we will turn you into a fat burning machine.

24/7 Support

24/7 support to your personal trainer
You have 24/7 access to me on a integrated voice communication app, this way we can easily discuss your goals on a daily basis if it is required.
This is where I answer all your questions and here we can communicate as a group and help each other at times of struggle, we all have times like that! There is nothing better than a community to get you through the tough times. My team is awesome!!

Access to my Exercise Library

Exercise library - in the gym and at home
This section is to ensure you are training to the best of your ability to get the best results with less chance of injury. Form is king!!
There are thousands of exercises that you can do in the gym or at home, I have included the most important ones, and its constantly being updated.

Access to the AWG Fitness Secret Facebook and Communication Group

AWG Fitness Secret Facebook Group
One of the most important part of a program like this, other than the awesome workouts and tasty nutrition we get the privilege to do and eat. Is the community you have around you at times of struggle and self doubt.
It motivates me so much to hear and see success stories from my team that have followed the program, and are still following it. And I want to help as many people as I can, and I want you to be next!
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