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Adam Glading Personal Trainer Ipswich
I started boxing, the gym and training at the age of 16 when i first was allowed to with my Cousins and Instantly fell in Love with it. Personally i have drifted more towards the body building aspect of training whilst keeping up the functional and callisthenics side of it as well.
All the training and learning i have done throughout the years has got me to point i am at now, which involves changing lives by helping all kinds of people and genres lose weight, gain muscle and get in their best shape possible.

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So here are the main benefits of what training with me can bring:

A drop in body fat. Lower body fat %
A drop in body weight. Lower kg's
Increased fitness. So you can enjoy more years with your family
​Feel happier and reduce stress
​Get better sleep quality
​Get better looking skin
​Reduce aches and pains by strengthening the muscles
​Reduce the risk of chronic diseases

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